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Strong enough to voice my own opinions Brave enough to walk a path alone Resilient enough to make a difference Breaking the stereotypes

Welcome to Times Women's Drive, the experience that is curated especially for your untamable spirit. A spirit that manifests in each one of you, thriving each day, altering the course of everyday events, changing them for the better.

An initiative by The Times of India, Times Women’s Drive, is designed to be an expression of this very spirit. It is a fusion of journey and emphatically declaring individual freedom while fostering camaraderie and trust. As we enter our 10th year, we invite all you strong, bold and like-minded souls to be a part of a magnificent Time-Speed-Distance rally that is synonymous to an unparalleled experience.

This year, we are aiming over 1500 women, from four cities; Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Hyderabad to rev up their engines and steer their cars all the way to Goa along with their two best friends, while cheering for everything they stand for. Feeling empowered, insistent and unequivocal, while doing it. Be a part of this celebration. Sign up, register and be part of something that is all about your drive.

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As we weave yet another journey for you, this year, Times Women's Drive is proud to partner with Indian Automotive Racing Club (IARC) to provide women with a unique platform not only to empower and accelerate but withal exhilarate. True to our heart, like all the earlier years, Times Women's Drive will endeavor to raise funds for Woman’s Cancer Awareness Initiative at the Tata Memorial Centre; empowering women to stand tall and fight while driving awareness about and around breast cancer awareness, a cause we fiercely believe in.