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what you need to know

Along with your travel checklist, a brief catalogue containing the minutest of details about the rally might come in handy. Here’s a run through to ensure you enjoy a smooth drive.



199 Cars




120 Cars




121 Cars




60 Cars



Total cars

event details

To make sure that you don’t miss a single event of this exciting journey, we have listed down all the crucial dates and places of the rally for you.

While you pack your bags, make sure you take a note of these!

after being selected

If you make it to the leaderboard, we will get in touch with you through an Email and an SMS, which will contain the following instructions:

  • Make the registration payment for the team
  • Download the required documents
  • Duly fill the forms and get them ready for the Form Submission phase

Once you’re done with the payment, we will give you the link to download the required documents. Till then, here’s a list that can help you prepare accordingly:

  • Valid Driving License (Mandatory for all 2 participants)
  • Authority letter from the owner of the vehicle if the First Driver/Second Driver is not the owner of the vehicle used in the Drive and/or event
  • Vehicle Insurance Policy
  • Vehicle Registration/Tax Book/Smartcard
  • Valid PUC certificate of the vehicle used for the drive
  • Indemnity Declaration Letter
  • Two-day Rally Insurance
  • FMSCI (FMSCI 4W clubsport licence is mandatory only for those who are going to drive during the rally)

Please Note:These documents need to be submitted in person on the designated Form Submission Days after you are selected at the specified location.

Please visit the following website to procure the FMSCI license which is mandatory for the rally. http://licence.fmsci.co.in/


We’ll be back soon with all the details.

Two-Day Rally Insurance

It is very important for you to know that the normal vehicle insurance policy is not applicable for rallies. To be a part of TWD 2019 it is mandatory to take separate two-day rally insurance (endorsement on the normal vehicle insurance policy). As per existing IRDA rules, the same branch office of the insurance company who has issued normal vehicle insurance can issue the rally cover at nominal costs which may vary based on the IDV of the vehicle and the insurance company.

The letter for the reason for refusal should be demanded from such branches/company which can expedite the resolution of such issues.


Participants are required to carry all the above documents in original throughout the drive and/or Event.

By the very act of signing the entry form, the participants submit and bind themselves to resort only to the National Competition Rules (NCR) of FMSCI and the International Sporting Code of the FIA, the Supplementary Regulations of the Event and all the other terms and conditions as specified in indemnity letter.

start order

The Organizers after all valid entries are accepted will determine the Starting Order. Each vehicle will be flagged off at 1-minute intervals.